About the IGAJ

The objectives of the IGAJ

  • To foster and encourage friendship between Island communities through sporting activities.
  • To provide, through the Island Games, opportunities to participate in international sport.
  • To promote sport in Jersey in  support of the Island Games Association.
  • To co-ordinate Jersey’s participation at the Island Games.
  • To promote and co-ordinate the hosting of an Island Games in Jersey on an occasional basis.
  • To organise its financial and other affairs on a long-term basis, e.g. to achieve and then maintain reserves approximately equal to half the average cost of sending a Jersey Team to a Games, so that it is in a position to enter into substantial commitments in connection with a future Games, well ahead of receiving the receipts related to that Games; and is able to accommodate occasional large unbudgeted expenditures without difficulty.

The Committee

  • Chairman – Steve Jacobs
  • Deputy Chairman – Madeleine Lee
  • Treasurer – Philip Rout


Members of the Executive

  • Morag Obarska
  • Carmel O’Connor
  • Lin Latham
  • Nikki Holmes
  • Richard Bouchard


  • General Team Manager for 2023 –  Morag Obarska