IPSC shooting ranges nearly ready!

The Jersey IPSC Shooting Club have been busy building their range ahead of the NatWest Island Games.  No two courses of fire are ever the same, they are unique to that day.  Competitors do not know in advance what to expect in any given match!

WP_20150604_11_05_10_Pro WP_20150604_11_07_36_Pro WP_20150604_11_21_28_Pro WP_20150622_08_13_23_Pro WP_20150622_08_19_46_Pro WP_20150622_12_50_35_Pro WP_20150622_12_50_40_Pro WP_20150622_12_50_45_Pro WP_20150623_10_49_58_Pro WP_20150624_17_04_38_Pro WP_20150624_17_04_50_Pro WP_20150624_17_04_56_Pro WP_20150624_17_05_10_Pro