Windsurfing Update

The windsurfers had three races on Sunday, with Jo Robinson and Tim Laine of Guernsey leading the way in shifty winds. Highlights for Jersey were Michael Millar taking third place in the first race and Steve Melia second in the last race of the day.
Today was a frustrating day as the windsurfers sat around waiting for the fog to clear, though even more frustrating for the poor organising committee who sat on boats for several hours  in the middle of the bay, unable to see more than a few metres. When the fog did finally clear Steve shone again, taking a first, second and fourth place. Michael Millar also took a first place in the last race as the wind died. Andy Hart had some good races, regularly appearing in the top 5 and Henry Horton keeps improving in his first windsurfing regatta, taking sixth place in the last race.
This leaves Steve Melia in the bronze medal position and the team in silver, a bit closer to Guernsey than at the end of day one. With another 9 races planned, there is still a long way to go before anything is decided. Tomorrow’s forecast looks better than today’s (sorry shooters and archers) with a good breeze forecast for the afternoon.