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Windsurfing Update

The windsurfers had three races on Sunday, with Jo Robinson and Tim Laine of Guernsey leading the way in shifty winds. Highlights for Jersey were Michael Millar taking third place in the first race and Steve Melia second in the last race of the day.
Today was a frustrating day as the windsurfers sat around waiting for the fog to clear, though even more frustrating for the poor organising committe...
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Windsurfers get bronze

The weather was back to normal on Thursday.

In, the early afternoon the team were lucky enough to meet and have a chat with Prince Edward on his visit to Yaverland.

Finally the sea breeze strengthened to 14 knots around 5pm. Heat 1 (including Steve Melia) was on the water first and the race officer tried to run their race twice before finally abandoning racing for the day around 6pm...

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Wind at last

The wind finally blew enough for the windsurfers yesterday (Wednesday). Three of us made the final 8 shootout after winning or coming 2nd in the heats. Unfortunately the later races were more of a lottery due to weed, catching some on a skeg would drop speed from 30 mph to 20 mph. Justin finished 5th, I was 7th and Rob 8th. Bermuda are leading the team event with Menorca 2nd and Jersey 3rd...

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Windsurfers still waiting.

Last two days have seen more frustration for the windsurfers. Waiting for the elusive 11 knots or more of wind, we have been teased into hitting the water five times hoping to start a race. One time the race started, only to be cancelled on the last leg.

On the other hand, things could be worse...

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Windsurfers Wait

After a windy Saturday, Sunday was a frustrating day for the windsurfers. While most the island was under a blazing sun, Yaverland was under a blanket of fog coming off the sea. Every now and then the sun tried to burn through, which might have resulted in a decent sea breeze. This didn’t happen until 5pm, too late for the wind to build.

Monday looks brighter, so hopefully there will be more wind…...

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Windsurfers off for early practice.

The windsurfers are glad they brought their own equipment. Boards and rigs are provided for competition, but with the best wind of the week blowing this morning and official practice not starting until this afternoon, the boys have gone off for an early session at Ventnor.

Hopefully they will have time to look round and see the leaders of the round the island yacht race flying past at high speed...

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Windsurfing team selected


This year’s windsurfing team will be:

  • Rob Ayliffe
  • Justin Horton
  • Michael Millar (also team manager)
  • Steve Pertegas Melia
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